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Self Promotion


I am so happy to have a nice hefty stack of my new business cards finally printed and available to hand out. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a stationary printer doesn't have a business card to hand people when talking about their business. It's an even sadder state of affairs when those business cards suck. 

No tears here! I am so happy with the way these cards turned out. I wanted a business card that when I hand them to people they get why letterpress is so special. Then in turn, they would want something special of their own. 


For these cards I used the amazingly thick 220# Crane Lettra stock in Fluorescent White. For a two sided card it really was the best option because I could really create a deep bite with the blind emboss wheel pattern, while printing a full color design on the other side. The thickness of the paper prevented any impression on the reverse side which may have disrupted the other design. 


A great big hug goes to Jane at Jane Reaction Design for helping bring this concept to life with me. 

My new cards match my cool Type A Press wood pencils nicely. Comment here about what you like most about this project (or letterpress in general) and I will mail you one of each. 


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Pretty Things


Last weekend I participated in a local bridal show. One thing you should know about me is that I can get a bit obsessive (have I already mentioned that?). This means that when I have an event or trip or whatever that I need to make plans for I start to think about how I can make it the best event or trip or whatever possible. (Insert Type A pun here.) 

Since it was my first bridal event I wanted the display to be extra "bridal-y" but also focus on paper and texture. My friend Mike made me this amazing tree using the same paper that I print on. I love it. 

I also used the tree to hang a burlap banner that says "les cartes" that I got from funkyshique. It brought the whimsy (and glitter!) I wanted in my display. 


My sign consisted of this cute little wood piece that I converted from a cake topper from Baumbirdy.

After standing at the bridal show all afternoon I was in need of a glass of wine. I don't think that I have mentioned that I live and work in one of the best Pinot Noir producing regions outside of France. There is no shortage of amazing local wines and wine bars to help a girl relax after working so hard. 

I decided to stop by Remy Wines to see the premier of her Three Wives movie (the story behind her Three Wives wine). It was a fun event with GREAT wine and great company. I had to pick up this poster because I love a good illustration and this one happens to have my fav's blue and orange in it. 


Doesn't it look great in my shop?

I can't wait to see what pretty things I can find next!



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Wedding Line (First!)


I've been working on creating some wedding invitiation sets over the last month in preparation for a local bridal show. When I say "I" I also mean the awesome Karina Salgado who helps with some of my custom design projects. 

I am so pleased with the way these sets came out. The designs are original and amazing and pushed my printing talents. I love a challenge. And I love it when projects come out just as I hoped they would. 

These coasters are a fun addition to the yellow and grey themed wedding set. 

This set with a garden theme has a lot of fun extra pieces to show how there really is not limit to where you can go with your wedding set. 

I added a few extra touches to the sets. I wanted to show how the little elements can really make your wedding stationary extra special. The caligraphy is done by Trial by Cupcakes, and it is more amazing in person that a photo can ever show. I also picked up some vintage botanical stamps from Treasure Fox to show how you can really create a special package. 

This fun plaid design can be altered to print with any set of colors that I couple would need to go with their wedding theme. The pink, orange and yellow combo is fun and bright.

All of the sets are now available for order. Email me for a custom quote. And of course I love printing custom sets if you have your own design. 

Watch for my Etsy and Felt & Wire shops to be open soon with these and other fun pieces available for purchase.

Movin', shakin'...movin' and shakin'.



I love supplies. I literally obsess about them. I have all of these images of the perfect package and all of the fun elements that I can pull together to make something fun and unique.

I knew early in the start of Type A that I wanted to use twine in my packaging. I have a few colors, but consistently go back to the orange and white striped. Divine Twine has a lot of unique colors to choose from. 

If you don't have any washi tape, get some. It is the most fun supply I have. I love how it adds a bit of personality to envelopes and sealing up a package for a client. There are a lot of choices at Pretty Tape

Muslin draw strings bags add the texture element that I really like. The paper I print on has an amazing texture, and when I hand a client's project to them in a muslin bag it has a feel of "real-ness" to it. 

The newest supply in my stash is origami paper. I have developed a new habit for making little origami boats (more to come on this). I've been playing around with different patterned paper, and I think these ones are particularly awesome. 

Meet you in the aisles. 


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Kinfolk Dinner Series: Menu #1

I am so excited to be helping Kinfolk Magazine with their dinner series. The first dinner was in Portland, and there are events planned around the country over the next year. 

Nathan Williams (above) with Kinfolk has been great to work with and very supportive. It's nice to have such positive expierences with clients. 

A month or so ago Nathan asked me if I would be interested in printing menus for the dinner series as a sponsor of the event. I jumped on the chance to partner with such a creative and inspiring group. 

One menu is done and the menu for the next dinner in Brooklyn, NY is on the way. As much fun as I have printing the menus, I also enjoy seeing them in action at the dinner. I can't wait to see what the Kinfolk crew come up with next. 

See more photos of the event by Laura D'Art and a video of the evening by Paul Searle, here.

So much fun!




I like cogs. I wasn't as interested in them until I was grinding layers of paint off the gears of my press. I really started to appreciate the magic of machinery when we were refurbishing this machine. The huge gears are both reassuring and scary. I feel that with the strength of the machine helping me I can accomplish anything I work hard enough at. It's a beautiful thing.

Notecards I printed for my local Rotary Club. I used a wood block with an older version of the logo which features a gear. We had the block in our warehouse. It was probably used for ads in our community newspaper over 60 years ago. The members loved it.

I saw this awesome gears running the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburg.

I found this amazing cog ornament by Pigeon Toe at The Portland Bazaar. It's hanging in my living room; it didn't get put away with the rest of the Chistmas decorations. 

Neat stuff.




The Ink Dial

I've pledged to support this project. I mix most of my ink colors by hand. It's not the easy way, but it's the most rewarding method. 

I have the challenge of matching specific colors from one run to the next. But being a little type a, I want to ensure that colors match as closely as possible from one business card run to the next. 

I could do it the easy (read: boring) way and order a pound of ink for each color I use, but that's not what I am going to do. It would be simple to scoop a little ink out of the can and slap it on the press. That method is for black ink. Mixing an awesome custom color and seeing it print the exact shade it is meant to is incredibly satisfying. It's not fun if its not a bit of a challenge, right? 

I am crossing my fingers that this project gets the funding it needs. I love the innovative approach to this tool and hope that others see the value in it, even if you aren't covered in ink like I seem to be.


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Christmas cards (finally!)


The holiday season is here and that means Christmas cards!!  Most card companies are planning their holiday lines in the summer. Me, not so much.  I have a lot going on.  But, as my last post stated...better late than never!


The cool thing about my cards is there is some history with them. You could even say they are 70 years in the making (ok, that's a stretch). 

I used wood type that we have had in our newspaper warehouse since at least the 1940's to make these cards. I hand set each card and printed them on my 1923 Chandler and Price letterpress. Pretty cool, right?

Not only is each card unigue because of the printing process, but each letter is unique because of the age of the type.  You can see white areas in some of the letters where the wood type had taken a bit more abuse and the ink doesn't lay down evenly.  I think that adds more appeal to the cards because it shows that these were used. Not just by me, but by people who learned this craft when it was being taught in school. 

I can't get enough of the history of our newspaper and printing businesses and I love when I can use the same tools, type and skills that were used by our company decades ago. It gives these cards a bit of extra meaning for me, and I hope for you as well. 

If you love the cards and want some for your own you can contact me directly, or if you are in the McMinnville area you can purchase them at La Bella Casa

Also, a huge thank you to my friends who encouraged me to create this line (Jenn, Mike B., Karina and McKenzie), and for the hands on help in the shop with the awesome packaging. Wouldn't have done it with out you.

Happy Holidays!



Better late than never


I have been working on creating my own Christmas cards for a while. Time is really something that isn't working in my favor. I knew I wanted to create this year's line using the wood type that we have had in our family for decades. I created 5 cards each with a simple holiday saying. These are a couple of them, the others will be packaged and ready this week. It's not too late is it? Nah.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


Busy weekend


I had such a great weekend! I had some time to rearrange part of my shop and hang some incredible mariner flags I picked up during a recent trip to Seattle.  I am lucky that I so many cool pieces of furniture to pull from our newspaper, this desk and chair are some of those items. 

I also got back photos that Kelly Searle of Maxine Denver took of my family last weekend.  This is a photo of me and my daughter Nora.  Kelly does such a great job shooting film.  She really knows how to use light without needing to touch the photos up...and they look amazing!

Sunday was full of get togethers. Nate and friends from Kinfolk Magazine stopped by the shop to get a sneak peek at their new calling cards.  I love how the thickness of the paper really compliments the simplicity of the design. 

Oh, and I got my Twitter account functioning again...follow me @typeapress.  

Have a great week!

First Blog Post! A Little History...

My family has been in the printing business a long time, and the newspaper business even longer.  A lot of cool things come along with that history, one of those things being my 1923 letterpress. Last year we pulled it out of our warehouse and dusted it off.  With a bit of elbow grease and a lot of love I opened my shop, Type A Press.  I am so lucky to have the support of family and friends as I pursue my “side gig”.  The fun is just getting started, and I can’t wait to share with everyone my love for letterpress and my journey through all of the  (very) different areas of my life.