New Projects!

If you are reading this you are seeing my new website…yay! I've been working for the last few months on a new format for my site that was more photo centric and included an online shop. I am so excited that the site is finally live and I can share it with you. It is simple, and still needs a few things, but I've already gotten orders from the new shopping option, and I'm proud of having done this myself. So, again…yay!

Also, you may notice the lack of blog posts here. I decided as I was transitioning, that I really wanted a clean start, so I decided not to transfer my old blog posts. There are some that I will copy over, and I will get to that, but for now, a clean slate feels right. 

Not only have I been working hard on the marketing/business side of Type A, but I have also been working hard on creating new products to sell. The shop has the beginnings of my new product line, and I am thrilled to show you a preview of more designs that are coming in August. 

The sweet profile above is of the amazing designer, Amanda Jane Jones. Amanda and I have been working together for over a year on creating a modern, simple, clean product line that I would feel confident producing and selling (see more on Amanda in the Contributors section of the site). I am so excited to get these to market that I wanted to give you a sneak peak of a few of the products coming from this line. 


We are so close, but inevitably there will be a few tweaks before we get these and others in the shop. But my goal is that by August I will be offering many more new products in my online shop and for wholesale orders.

I'm nervous, and excited, and motivated, and I'll always keep going. 

Wish me luck.