Local Milk Collaboration

A year ago I had a chance encounter with two ladies while visiting with another friend in Portland. These gals, Lindsey Smith and Ruthie Lindsey made a fast and lasting impact on me. Never would I imagine the impact this meeting would have on my creative path. During a conversation with Ruthie, she mentioned having hosted a recent Kinfolk dinner at her home with Beth Kirby, of the blog Local Milk. I remember saying to her, "I would be so intimidated by meeting her!" and Ruthie replied, "no, she is the sweetest person!". I had been following along on Beth's blog and repinning her pins for months and could only imagine what the mysterious beauty was like to hang out with. 

About this same time I had been making a list of people that I would love to collaborate with on my new stationery line. Beth's name was on it. The idea of creating a line of paper goods tailored to her fellow chefs and dinner party hosts sounded like a cool project. After Ruthie's insistence that Beth was wonderful to work with, I decided to reach out. I sent her an email last August about a possible letterpress collaboration, and to my glee she agreed. 

Not only am I thankful I reached out about designing new products together, but because I can count her as a friend to laugh with about the silly things, and be obsessive about all things related to vampire teen drama, and share my failed cake from a box baking stories while I drool over her baking masterpieces. These connections are the reason I collaborate with people. These relationships that mean something. And if we create a kickass product within all of the relating, even more sweet. 

Beth and I are thrilled to finally have our first stationery designs complete and available for purchase. The botanical inspired illustrations were done by my friend Maija Rebecca, and the amazing lettering by new friend Joy Fitzgerald

You can find these new dinner party inspired pieces in the online shop, as well available for wholesale orders. 

Watch for our winter inspired products coming this fall!