Busy weekend


I had such a great weekend! I had some time to rearrange part of my shop and hang some incredible mariner flags I picked up during a recent trip to Seattle.  I am lucky that I so many cool pieces of furniture to pull from our newspaper, this desk and chair are some of those items. 

I also got back photos that Kelly Searle of Maxine Denver took of my family last weekend.  This is a photo of me and my daughter Nora.  Kelly does such a great job shooting film.  She really knows how to use light without needing to touch the photos up...and they look amazing!

Sunday was full of get togethers. Nate and friends from Kinfolk Magazine stopped by the shop to get a sneak peek at their new calling cards.  I love how the thickness of the paper really compliments the simplicity of the design. 

Oh, and I got my Twitter account functioning again...follow me @typeapress.  

Have a great week!