I like cogs. I wasn't as interested in them until I was grinding layers of paint off the gears of my press. I really started to appreciate the magic of machinery when we were refurbishing this machine. The huge gears are both reassuring and scary. I feel that with the strength of the machine helping me I can accomplish anything I work hard enough at. It's a beautiful thing.

Notecards I printed for my local Rotary Club. I used a wood block with an older version of the logo which features a gear. We had the block in our warehouse. It was probably used for ads in our community newspaper over 60 years ago. The members loved it.

I saw this awesome gears running the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburg.

I found this amazing cog ornament by Pigeon Toe at The Portland Bazaar. It's hanging in my living room; it didn't get put away with the rest of the Chistmas decorations. 

Neat stuff.