I love supplies. I literally obsess about them. I have all of these images of the perfect package and all of the fun elements that I can pull together to make something fun and unique.

I knew early in the start of Type A that I wanted to use twine in my packaging. I have a few colors, but consistently go back to the orange and white striped. Divine Twine has a lot of unique colors to choose from. 

If you don't have any washi tape, get some. It is the most fun supply I have. I love how it adds a bit of personality to envelopes and sealing up a package for a client. There are a lot of choices at Pretty Tape

Muslin draw strings bags add the texture element that I really like. The paper I print on has an amazing texture, and when I hand a client's project to them in a muslin bag it has a feel of "real-ness" to it. 

The newest supply in my stash is origami paper. I have developed a new habit for making little origami boats (more to come on this). I've been playing around with different patterned paper, and I think these ones are particularly awesome. 

Meet you in the aisles.