Wedding Line (First!)


I've been working on creating some wedding invitiation sets over the last month in preparation for a local bridal show. When I say "I" I also mean the awesome Karina Salgado who helps with some of my custom design projects. 

I am so pleased with the way these sets came out. The designs are original and amazing and pushed my printing talents. I love a challenge. And I love it when projects come out just as I hoped they would. 

These coasters are a fun addition to the yellow and grey themed wedding set. 

This set with a garden theme has a lot of fun extra pieces to show how there really is not limit to where you can go with your wedding set. 

I added a few extra touches to the sets. I wanted to show how the little elements can really make your wedding stationary extra special. The caligraphy is done by Trial by Cupcakes, and it is more amazing in person that a photo can ever show. I also picked up some vintage botanical stamps from Treasure Fox to show how you can really create a special package. 

This fun plaid design can be altered to print with any set of colors that I couple would need to go with their wedding theme. The pink, orange and yellow combo is fun and bright.

All of the sets are now available for order. Email me for a custom quote. And of course I love printing custom sets if you have your own design. 

Watch for my Etsy and Felt & Wire shops to be open soon with these and other fun pieces available for purchase.

Movin', shakin'...movin' and shakin'.