Self Promotion


I am so happy to have a nice hefty stack of my new business cards finally printed and available to hand out. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when a stationary printer doesn't have a business card to hand people when talking about their business. It's an even sadder state of affairs when those business cards suck. 

No tears here! I am so happy with the way these cards turned out. I wanted a business card that when I hand them to people they get why letterpress is so special. Then in turn, they would want something special of their own. 


For these cards I used the amazingly thick 220# Crane Lettra stock in Fluorescent White. For a two sided card it really was the best option because I could really create a deep bite with the blind emboss wheel pattern, while printing a full color design on the other side. The thickness of the paper prevented any impression on the reverse side which may have disrupted the other design. 


A great big hug goes to Jane at Jane Reaction Design for helping bring this concept to life with me. 

My new cards match my cool Type A Press wood pencils nicely. Comment here about what you like most about this project (or letterpress in general) and I will mail you one of each.