Amanda is a graphic designer based out of Chicago, Illinois. We first met a few years back when she was helping Kinfolk Magazine get off the ground as their lead designer. Amanda would send me designs for different projects to print for Kinfolk and I quickly fell in love with her style. I was drawn to her minimal aesthetic and thought she would be the perfect person to partner with in launching my stationery line. 

My new line, designed by Amanda is now available in the shop. 



Lindsey and I met by chance last year while she was visiting Portland. I was delivering business cards to our mutual friend, Christian of, and Lindsey was with also visiting him. We only had about an hour to chat, but since have became great friends. 

In addition to being a photo stylist, Lindsey is the number one advocate for everything Made in America, and specifically for business built on hand made goods. She's traveled the country meeting with and documenting folks who are doing it the old fashioned way, and helping to promote the makers movement anyway she can. 

We wanted to create a piece together that reflected her mission, and my business, that we could offer to people as daily inspiration for doing it the hard way.

Our "Hammer and Hand" print  is now available in my shop, and is available for wholesale orders. 

Beth is the beautiful soul behind the blog cooking and lifestyle blog Local Milk. I first learned of her when I was re-pinning all of her pins on Pinterest. I followed her to the blog and fell deep for dark and moody photography and her hypnotic writing. 

When I was making a list of people I wanted to work with on my new stationery line, I wrote her name down. It was a chance meeting with Ruthie Lindsey, and Lindsey Smith in Portland that made the connection to Beth. 

I am so glad I reached out to Beth about creating a line of paper goods tailored to chefs and hosts. Our line is both soft and handsome, simple and rich. Perfect for dinners with friends in the backyard. 

Ruthie and I met on that same fated day in Portland that I met Lindsey. They were in town meeting with local businesses as a part of a Makers Workshop tour.

Ruthie is a photo stylist and makes her home in Nashville with her sweet pup and loves to throw backyard parties for friends.

I fell for Ruthie's sweet southern accent and her pure joy for life. It is that joy that is the inspiration for our postcards.